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I recently found this incredible website that lists the laws of UX Design, presented as minimalist posters:

Laws of UX Posters

It was created by Jon Yablonski referring to maxims that he regularly use in his day to day job as a UX Designer.  Some of them come from psychology, you might recognize a few from the principles of the Gestalt.  Initially there where 10 laws, but I just realized he added 2 more, so it’s a work in progress that he is curating.  When you click each law, you get to the poster, a description of the law, a longer history of the law, links to related resources and a link to download the poster in high resolution, in case you want to print it to decorate your studio’s wall.

Zeigarnik Effect

Here’s an example of one of the laws:

“People remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks.”

― Bluma Wulfovna Zeigarnik, Zeigarnik Effect

Go ahead and check out this great resource, not just for the information, but to get inspired by the design direction of the posters themselves, a design decision he took to help readers remember each law.


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