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I want to start this year sharing some of the YouTube channels I follow to get updates, tips and resources of UX Design and Design in general. You often see blog posts sharing their top 10 books to read on the subject, but seldom see YouTube recommendations.

UX Design

NN Group
Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman UX agency is the leader in this industry.  Their published books, articles and videos are daily referenced by many of us.  They have a great video format: short 2 to 4 minutes videos on a specific topic explained by one of their executives.


They are like 3 big camps in wireframing and prototyping design apps: Sketch, Adobe XD and now, Figma.  inVision, now owner of Sketch, has been leading the design community with their blog, video tutorials and newsletter for years.  It’s an incredible resource, even if you don’t use the inVision app nor Sketch for your work.


AJ & Smart
From the authors of Sprint, they share weekly product design and strategy information in short videos that are easy to follow.


Google Design: Centered!
They have a series of videos called Centered! about UX Design themes that are very good, but they seldom post them.


Design & Web Develpoment

!important is a show that talks about web development by exploring live websites, elegant designs and solutions to common problems. Every episode, we will explore a new design, problem or website. They are published in, a new video sharing platform. Their videos have been very inspiring to me, pushing me to try out new techniques like CSS animations.


Adobe Creative Cloud
Hey, it’s Adobe!  The amount of material they share every week, for each app and specialization, either UX, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Video Production or Photography is huge.  The streams are the ones I like the most, when they invite a designer to work on a project on camera and share her process.


Mozzila Developers
I really enjoy the short videos that are being published by the Mozilla Foundation the past couple of months.  It’s a fresh of breath air into CSS and Web Standards and have completely sold me on migrating from Chrome to Firefox as my daily driver.


Google Webmasters
They have some interesting videos on SEO and web optimization for search engines:


The Future
This is a good source of design material, and a lot of business advise if you plan to open your own agency or go freelance.


Digital Drawing & Painting

Not exactly UX Design, but I have been experimenting with a Wacom Cintiq and different art software to see if it’s helpful to sketch digitally or if it’s too much of a hassle and if in front of a screen it’s better to jump right into vector wireframes.  The jury is still out on this one..

Clip Studio
Previously known as Manga Studio, Clip Studio is the Swiss Army Knife of Illustrators with 3D poser models, speech balloons, comic panels and more features.


Krita is an Open Source digital painting software; as an alternative to Clip Studio or Photoshop if you’re starting out and can’t invest in design software, is a great option. The channel has tons of tutorials and speed painting videos to give you an idea of how to use Krita.


Syd Weiler
One of my favorite illustrator and designer of Photoshop brushes, have a couple of timelapses on her YouTube channel, but is also very active on Twitch.



Some artsy inspiration not related at all with UX.

Bauhaus Movement


Tom Sachs




So what are the channels you follow on YouTube?  And what other sources of inspiration you have, either video, music, book or any other art form. Hit us up on Twitter, we would love to hear from you.



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